Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.


On a small note card above my light switch in my bedroom, reads:  

“Only by GIVING are you able to receive MORE than you already have.” 

As I sit in my bed typing papers about philanthropy, leadership skills, and brainstorming for my literature review, I stopped for a moment and thought, “What is the purpose of all this?”

The purpose is to believe full-heartedly, that I am doing good. By helping others, I will not only contribute in some way to their life but I will gain something as well.

By giving your time, talents, and showing compassion to others, you are helping improve the world around you. Have you done this lately? Or is there a way you can do more? 

You don’t need to dish out money, although it is needed and appreciated. Simply give your time. When you see your neighbor unloading their car of groceries, offer to help them. Say hello to the cashier and ask them about their day, and be genuine about it. Call your parents and tell them thank you. Thank you for everything they do for you. Cook dinner for your significant other after a long day of work. Think of others before yourself. 

Like the inspiring and genius Albert Einstein said,” Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”


4 thoughts on “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

  1. Hello Marci, I enjoy the posts and thoughts you deliver to my “book of faces” as we like to call it.
    I have actually been having that same thought lately. I’ll be 50 next Thursday. With my life in front of me I am finding I desire a life of service to others. I wonder where this unction will lead me.
    .from one who desires only the best from you young lady. 🙂
    … ❤

    1. Suzie! It’s wonderful to hear from you! I’m glad you enjoy my post—that is what they are meant for. I do not think you’re ever tod old to stop learning—you are a prime example of that! Keep finding what’s best for you. I’m glad you find joy in others. That is life right? Hope you have an amazing birthday! Thank you of always thinking of me. Sending lots of love your way! 🙂 ❤

  2. This is a beautiful thought. We have forgotten the power of giving back…we are madly lost in the strive for accumulating things and evaluating ourselves on our possession. Any small gesture for doing or living for others can make life more beautiful than we think so…a powerful post.

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